Mannanan calls Venus to the Moon

My favourite model, this statue of Mannanan Mac Lir stands high above Lough Foyle at the Gortmore Viewpoint. During the day the view from here is superb, whether looking west towards Derry City, north towards Inishowen or east towards the Bann Estuary.

At night there is so much light pollution it can be hard to make a pleasing image, but with the Venus and the Moon in such tight conjunction I felt I needed to make something of the magic in the air.

Using my tiny Lumecubes to cast just enough light to make out the edges of the sculpture I held the exposure for as long as I could whilst keeping the astro details sharp.

I loved how the amber tones of the sunset give an otherworldly feel in among the magically boiling clouds on the horizon.


Gear used: Nikon Z7 & Nikkor 24mm 1.8 S @ ISO: | f Stop: 1.8 | Shutter: