Heart of the Heavenly Glen

If you have Irish, then you will call this other worldly place ‘Cró Nimhe‘ but for those of us who only have the English, then the official translation for this place is ‘ The Poisoned Glen’.

However, this never sat well with me, it is a beautiful and serene and mighty location. A few tenuous reasons for the translation are given, however – with the swap of just two letters, the name becomes ‘The Heavenly Glen’ and this is much more apt.

If you were to tell me heaven was lying on the warm grass of the Glen, watching the birds fly and stars wheel, then I would be well content to spend an eternity here.

I’m not the first artist to be so moved either, this song from Clannad, ‘Poison Glen‘ off the album Anam will take you right there.


Gear used: DJI Mavic Pro 2 & @ ISO: | f Stop: 1.8 | Shutter: