Photographers Tours in Ireland

Just you and me, or in a small group of no more than five people we will explore Ireland.

We will delve deep into what an irish image means.

From the bright whitewashed lighthouses to the softly lit, river cut valleys

we will wander.

There is more to an AUTHENTICALLY irish image than just creating a composition here in Ireland.

Now, of course, this is only my opinion, but hear me out.

Irish light comes in two dominant flavours

Super soft light passing through air so waterlogged it is just begging to burst into a rainbow.

Or hard as nails light through air washed of every last dust particle, providing contrast, clarity and details for miles…

So, you need a nice irish composition. you have braved the roads and weather but this isn’t enough – You need to feel the scene.

Tread the wet grass until you give up trying to dodge the sheep poo and just accept it.

Suffer the rain until you really appreciate your waterproofs and the warm mug of tea I’ve just handed you as we wait for the clouds to settle the bright sunshine a little.

Battle the wind until you are genuinely scared for your tripod yet want to howl in primal delight as you see pure gold opening up in front of you.

Booking for one to one and small group tours opening soon.