Vango Flux 30 Day Pack

A Birthday present from my ever supportive family, this bag was found in my local outdoors store.

It was shortly after I had discovered the wonders of Ultra Light camping through reading the tales of folks thru hiking the USA’s long distance trails like the AT and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here in Ireland it’s hard to find a proper remote scene that’s more than a few miles from the road so we don’t need to be so extreme with our weight reduction, and I would trade range for comfort every day.

That said, I learned a lot from the hardcore thru hikers and apply the ultralight backpacking philosophy rules, I just also break them most times so I can have that extra lens or a Guinness at the summit.

This bag being only 30l forces me to be ruthless when packing as I can only just fit my sleep system, food and cooking gear plus the ever present camera. Anything else means a sacrifice somewhere.

It’ss really light but so far has taken all of the abuse I’ve thrown at it.

It’s always my first choice until I need extra gear for a particular reason.