Tascam DR60D MkII Digital Audio Recorder

Aw, me wee baby this. Can’t tell you how much I love this tool. As a musician I’ve always wanted to be able to take my instruments into the wild to record them along with the soundscape around me. For this job the DR60d cannot be beaten. Robust, yet light enough at 508g that I don’t worry about hiking with it. 2 proper XLR inputs and some really nice audio circuitry ensure a strong, clean signal from a distant bird delicatlly singing in the evening to my largest Jembe’s boom and crack – this captures it all.

A very significant bonus for this Audiophile is the incredible sound quality provided by this when it’s feeding my Beyerdynamic DT150’s – these take a big signal to get moving and as a result highlight every inadequacy in your sound system, with the power coming from the batteries and no other source of interference I’ve delved way deeper into complex mixes with this rig than I have any other sound system, and I’ve a few great systems. <£300 for sound >£0000’s will buy. A win!