French Army F2 100l Backpack

An absolute monster of  bag. Bought for it’s size, build quality and it’s main USP: The silly levels of water-proofing.

When I was shopping for this bag I needed something I could rely on to look after my gear in the foulest weather and most demanding conditions. Situations where you need all of your focus to stay alive and a few seconds worrying about my gears safety instead of my own, could easily spell disaster.

I knew upfront that the capacity and design strength I needed would mean I could forget about anything lightweight.

My ultra light bag is 35l and can carry everything I needed for a day or two in the wilds, but no camera.

My 60l Berghaus bag is sturdy and comfy but forces me to to make compromises between camping comfort and camera gear.

With the F2 I can take everything. All (ALL!) my camping gear, food and water and every bit of production gear I could possibly want. Of course there is a trade off to this  – I’m not the biggest guy and carrying a full load means traveling slowly.

Still, the confidence this bag gives me is class, I’ll take the finest cameras money can buy into the worst shit Ireland can throw at me and know that I’m bringing the shots home.